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IRobot Bookmark Addon for Internet Explorer

Record and automate Web actions from the Internet Explorer (IE) browser using IRobot Bookmark Addon. It suppports Windows XP and Vista operating systems.

Download (Free trial; $8.99 to buy):


  • Extract all files into a new directory
  • Double click the "install-bookmark.bat"

To uninstall:

  • Double click the "uninstall-bookmark.bat"

Use IRobot Addon:

Now, open a new IE browser, and you will see the bookmark icon on the IE toolbar. If not, you may need to customize your IE toolbar and enable the IRobot Bookmark Addon.

There are a number of default bookmarks in the addon:

  • save page text/image: save the current page as text, html or image
  • keep clicking it: mark a link and it will keep click on it
  • extract form values: save form values for later use
  • apply form values: robot automatically fill in form values
  • save marked text: save marked text in text or html format

You can start recording web activities from the bookmark addon. Click the "Start recording" link and continue your Web navigation.

On the target page, you can stop recording with three options:

  • Take actions from start page: The recorded robot will start from the first page, take all actions and reach the target page.
  • Take clicking sequence: Only the clicking sequence will be recorded (which can then be applied to any starting page).
  • Take actions to this page: The robot will only remember necessary actions to reach the current page.

Or you can add any existing Web scraping robots to your bookmark. Open a robot from the "irobot.exe", and you will see there is a "bookmark it" link in the browser window.

Click on it and add the robot to the bookmark.

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Last Update: Aug 7, 2009.

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