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Our Price: $20 per month
  • Super fast Email Scraping
  • Support site search and keyword search
  • Can target specific countries including US, UK, and CA
  • Customizable with IRobotSoft software
  • Support any number of threads, depending on your computer speed.
  • Emails are retrieved and saved in a csv file automatically.
  • Automate multiple keywords
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  1. When you open the emailscraper, it will ask you for an Encryption Key, which is empty (No encryption key). You can simply press [OK] and continue.
  2. It will then ask for the Registration code. Please enter your registration code and press [OK].
  3. Our keyword search functionality may be sensitive to google website changes. Please contact us if you found the robot is not working correctly.

How does it work?

IRobotSoft Email Scraper uses advanced Web-scraping technology to search and collect emails from the entire Web. It uses the Google search engine to find the most relevant websites related to certain keywords, and then search from the returned websites the entire site for email addresses. It then saves the Email, Name, PageTitle, PageUrl, and CollectedDate in a csv-formatted text file, which can be easily imported to other databases. You can also use IRobotSoft Email Scraper to search for emails from a given website, or a collection of websites, or URLs matching a certain pattern.

IRobotSoft Email Scraper is extremely fast. It is implemented in very efficient C++ code, with super-fast algorithms to search for emails from web pages. In addition, the scraper runs multiple threads to retrieve emails in parallel, and you can set any number of parallel threads depending on your computer speed. That means the scraper can scan hundreds of web pages in seconds. Finally, our scraper is equipped with advanced scheduling techniques to expedite email collection from email abundant websites. Running our email scraper within minutes, you will see emails pouring into your collection.

IRobotSoft Email Scraper is the most flexible and the most power tool of this kind in the market. First of all, our email scraper is completely customizable. You can completely customize the input interfaces and output formats of the scraper with just a little change to the scraper robot. You can, for example, customize the scraper robot to save your emails to an XML file, or even to a database directly to save your data import-expert time. Second, when you buy our email scraper, you also own a copy of our FREE visual web scraper, with which, you can scrape any web data, not just emails! You will be able to get the most supportive help from our free online video, manual, and users' forum. Third, our email scraper comes with a dedicated data engine, with which it will detect and delete duplicated emails automatically. You can also customize its to sort emails in real time. Finally, you can change the email scraper in just a few clicks. For example, if you want to change your email output format or target database, you can find the ˇ°save-emailsˇ± task from its visual interface, and right-click on its first action item, then select "Save Variables ..." from the popup menu, and change the output format there.

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How to run our Email Scraper?

IRobotSoft Email Scraper comes in as a zip package. Download the zip package and extract all files into a directory. You will extract two files: "irobot.exe" and "emailscraper.irb". Then double-click the irobot.exe to run the email scraper. If the trial period completed, it will ask you for Encryption Key and Registration Code. The encryption key is empty (no encryption key), and the registration code is given to you after you make the purchase.

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