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It is a challenge for the elderly and people with disabilities to live independently in the digital age. This includes the elderly, the blinds, the handicaps, and persons who are temporarily sick. We try to develop new technologies to improve the accessibility of Web information, and help the elderly and disabled people live a normal life with minimal personal assistance. IRobotAssist is our software developed for this purpose. IRobotAssist offers advanced Web accessibility features with various artificial intelligence technologies. The system is able to accept alternative voice, keyboard, and mouse inputs from the user, and present Web information in an accessible format.

IRobotAssist Assistive Web Browser
IRobotAssist Web Browser for the Disabled
- Promote Web accessibility
Free Trial:

- Totally FREE, totally CLEAN, no installation required, extract to a directory and run the IRobotAssist.exe.
- (Crashed?) You need to setup your voice profile before running the software. Go to "Control Panel -> Speech" and train a recognition profile.
- (No speech setting available?) You can google "Speech SDK" and download Speech SDK 5.1 from the MicroSoft Web site.

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