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New Robot Updates

Latest IRobot release: (Version
IRobotSoft Email Scraper (Free trial, $20 to buy): emailscraper.irb (2012/12/21) 2012/12/21 Description:

Extremely fast and reliable email scraping from any website or keywords. Completely customizable, support specific country. Emails retrieved in a csv file.

1. Google search update (2012/12/21)
2. Customizable outputs (2010/4/24)
3. Better hits for email scraping (2008/1/6)
4. Multithread Email scraping, support any number of threads, depending on your computer speed. (2007/11/23)

pubmed.irb (2009/11/1) Description: Batch downloading of Pubmed abstracts
1. Changed links following (2008/11/23)
2. Fixed abstract extraction (2007/12/1)
3. Fixed broken next links (2007/12/1)

baidu.irb (2008/7/4) Description: Automatically search and download MP3 from BaiDu and SoGua websites. Files are downloaded at data\ directory by default. bbs
1. Input search keywords in the page directly(2007/5/13)
2. Update for changed Baidu pages (2007/10/6)
blastx.irb (2008/7/4) Description: BLAST search from NCBI in your program and retrieve the matching sequences automatically.
1. Bug-fix for stopping after BLAST search (2007/1/13)
2. Get domain information of BLAST results from the CDART database. (2006/12/7)
3. Programming with IRobotX control. (2006/09/24)
4. Run BLAST for protein with iRobot. (2005/10/01)
hotornot.irb (2008/8/17)
Description: Meet people hotornot Double-matching, rating.
1. Preview pictures of hot girls online (2008/8/17)